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Is It Summer Time Yet?

We’re very excited to be back for another great time at Summer At Sacred Heart! We’ve got something for everybody, so come on in and check out our camp schedule. All day options are available!

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Huge News!

This year we are launching our SASHlet Program, a special day camp for children ages 8 weeks through 2 years and 11 months! Click here for more information!

General Procedures

Drop-Off Procedures 

  • Early Care starts at 7. If you need to use early care, drop off your child in the vestibule entrance to the school right next to the gym. There will be a big Summer At Sacred Heart sign over the entrance. All campers participating in early care must be dropped off from the vestibule entrance. 
  • Drop-off for the camps goes from 9-9:15. Please take your child to the above-mentioned entrance and make sure you go to the check-in table.  
  • All Pre-K campers will be dropped off at the entrance to the library. There will be a sign above the door indicating the Pre-K entrance. 

Pick-Up Procedures 

  • Pick up from the main camps goes from 12:15-12:30. At 12:15, all parents will be shown to their child’s camps (classrooms) and will sign them out of camp from there. You must present a valid form of ID in order to pick up your child. From there you can take your child home.  
  • Pre-K campers will be picked up from their spot by the library.  
  • If you utilize the extended care program, you will pick up your child from the vestibule entrance by the gym. They may be on the playground, so check there if you don’t see anyone inside. You must present a valid form of ID in order to pick up your child

Health and Wellness Procedures 

  • If your child is experiencing any symptoms of illness such as coughing, fever, sore throat, etc, please keep them home. If your child develops such symptoms while at Summer At Sacred Heart, you will be immediately notified to come pick up your child.  
  • Campers will regularly wash hands throughout the day, and hand sanitizer will be available in each camp classroom.  
  • Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of every day. 
  • Campers are NOT required to wear a mask while attending Summer At Sacred Heart. If you would like your child to wear a mask while participating, please submit this request in writing to the camp instructors and we will make sure your child wears a mask.  
  • We do NOT require any proof of vaccination status or prior knowledge of vaccination for campers or their parents.  
  • Staff undergo daily health screenings to ensure they are not experiencing any symptoms of illness.


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SASH Begins!

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