Pre-K Procedures


  • Drop off for Early Camp starts at 7:00 am, and is at the gym vestibule entrance where the big SASH banner is hanging. Please sign in with a staff member
  • Drop off for Day camp runs from 9 am to 9:15 am, and is at the entrance by the school library, located at the opposite end of the building from the main entrance. Look for the Pre-K sign hanging above the door.


  • Pick up from day camp will be at the entrance to the school library between 12:15 pm and 12:30 pm.
  • Pick ups during afternoon camp will be from the vestibule entrance by the gym
  • Photo ID is required for pickup. Please have it ready

Snacks and Lunch

  • SASH will provide a snack for all campers at 10 am. Be sure to note any food allergies on the registration page
  • SASH does not provide lunch for campers. Those participating in Afternoon Camp must bring their own lunch. It will be stored in a designated storage place. Please contact your instructors if you will pack food that needs to be refrigerated
  • All lunches must be labeled with the camper’s name and the correct date

Allergies and Medication

  • Please give detailed information on any allergies that your child has. This is important for us to know how to respond in case of an allergic reaction
  • Please let us know of any medications your child is currently taking during their stay at SASH, and if they will need to take any doses while camp is in session


  • We want all of our campers to have a lot of fun while they are with us. Our Pre-K instructors will gently establish camp rules and positive boundaries to ensure that every child is comfortable in their environment.
  • Our goal of discipline is not to punish with negative reinforcement or “time outs,” but to redirect children from a disruptive behavior to something that does not impede the other campers from participating in the camp.
  • Our instructors will make every effort to resolve situations with patience, redirection, and positivity. Certain behaviors such as hitting, repetitive direct defiance, and engaging in behaviors that put themselves and other children at risk may be dealt with more urgently
  • We will work with parents to keep them informed of any behavioral issues in our Pre-K camp and to come up with behavior strategies that will ensure your child has a great time at SASH. Please inform us ahead of time if there are any specific behavior strategies of which we should be aware.
  • The director of SASH retains the right to dismiss any child from camp that refuses to cooperate with all reasonable efforts to correct behavior.

Miscellaneous Information

  • All campers in the Pre-K program must be sufficiently potty trained. Our staff are not authorized to regularly change diapers or pull-ups. We understand that accidents happen at this age, and we will assist with that if it happens, however, we cannot monitor the regular changing of diapers and pull-ups. The director of SASH will dismiss a camper if they are deemed to be not sufficiently potty trained.
  • Packing List: at least one change of clothes including underwear, a backpack, water bottle, close toed shoes, a bathing suit (if water play is involved that day), lunch (if attending Late Camp), comfort toy (to help with being left at camp). All items must be clearly labeled with the child’s name.
  • Special Needs: We currently do not have special education instructors among our staff. If you have a child with special needs or a documented IEP, please contact the program director at to see if SASH will be able to meet your child’s needs.