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Dates for 2023

Summer At Sacred Heart will open on Monday, June 19 and run through Friday, August 4 for a total of 7 weeks.


Rates for 2023 Day Camp

Rates are specific to each camp and are listed next to the camp name on the schedule.  We will no longer be applying ‘surcharges’ to camps with a higher cost of operation.  Each camp will now be individually priced.  There is a multi-child discount for children within the immediate family.  That discount is as follows and will be applied at the end of registration, right before payment:

Multiple Child Discount!

Full camp payment is required at the time of registration. We also realize that full payment may not be possible due to financial difficulties. We would like to work with families in order to help their children attend SASH. If you would like to request a payment plan, select the payment plan option at the end of registration.

There is no camp on Tuesday, July the 4th. Prices are pro-rated for that week

Click here for our extended day camp prices!

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